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 What is a Clynk Account?



It is a great way for members to contribute to American Legion Post 56. Please read below for more information.


If you are interested in supporting us let us know and we will get a Clynk bag to you or you may stop by the post and pick up a couple Clynk bags to use!!   


All you have to do is place your redeemable containers in the Clynk bag and when it is full you drop it off at Hannafords at the Clynk window. The amount of the redemption is credited to the Post's account.


  Please help us!

It is an easy way to raise funds for the post!

Everyone uses returable cans and bottles...

Contact Kandy at 207.363.0376 or the commander at 603.498.4586 if you have questions   





Check them out for yourself at http://www.clynk.com/index2.html